Wednesday, June 10, 2015

birthday boy

The end of baseball season means we've got a birthday!   His last game was on his birthday.  Unfortunately,  it wasn't a birthday win. 

This cute boy just turned 8!   Birthday meal:  Papa John's Pizza and and a Dairy Queen ice cream cake.   Easy Peasy. 

Just when I think he's getting so big and grown up, I catch a moment like this.  Here he is riding home from the mall with a giant stuffed animal and a balloon from the carousel ride.   

This is what he wanted more than anything, a giant stuffed animal from the candy store at the mall.  He used all of his birthday money to buy it.   I didn't agree, but it didn't matter.  

The carousel ride sends out a free pass for your birthday.  I didn't know if he'd want to do it or not, but apparently, he not too grown up for it yet.  

 He's becoming a vivacious reader, which excites this teacher mama. 

I love that we have two summer birthdays.  We spent the weekend playing baseball, swimming, and just playing around the house, which makes for a nice laid-back way to spend your birthday. 

Bee and Lou both wanted electric scooters for their birthdays.  I've fought it the past two years, we decided they were probably old enough this year.  They've been happy as clams scooting up and down the street with the neighbor kids.  

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