Thursday, June 11, 2015

speaking of celebrating...

Speaking of celebrating, this weekend, we get to celebrating this lovely lady.  

My sister's wedding is quickly approaching, and this weekend we get to celebrate her at a bridal shower. 

I'm just in love with their engagement photos, done by Erika Aileen out of the Lafayette area.   These photos were all taken out at their farm.    

This wasn't really a thing when hubby and I got engaged, we went to JCPennys and had one photo taken for the newspaper. Now it's a whole thing.  Kinda jealous. 

I love this woods photo because I think someday when there's a third person to include in their family photos, it will be cute to add them right in a recreated shot.  

I'm super excited for the wedding photos since they'll be done by the same gal and selfishly because my peeps will be included.  

Yep, pretty sure that's better than JCP studio, just saying. 

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