Sunday, June 15, 2014

a visit to my sister's

The kids and I went to visit my sister.  She lives on a farm and it was pretty much wonderful for all of us, at least on our end.   Look how happy that pup of ours is to run free.  No leash, no collar, just freedom.   I don't apologize, but here are about 92 pictures. 

The kiddos enjoyed brief moments of peaceful playing!

This creek runs through the woods behind the house.  We hiked over here a few times.  My sister only fell in once.   She's a teacher too and also on summer break, so we were able to go up a few days and just hang out.

There is this park nearby her place where it's set up like a 1920's farm.  You can go and visit the farm and help out with farm chores, gather eggs, milk cows, etc. 

We got to bring the horses back in from the field,

get the oats ready,

feed the horses,

and stack hay.

Then we got hot and tried to get out of anymore work.  Here's my mom, sister, Bee and of course, Lou.  I took about 6 pictures and he's doing something like this in every one. 

The kids always enjoy visiting my sister.  

Just so you don't think we're something we're not. 

That loving moment, turned into this.

We had a campfire and enjoyed smores and good company.   That's my sister boyfriend. 

Bee was disappointed that no one had a guitar.  Apparently that's what you do around a fire.

Lou had heard about a 'dirt bike' and pretty much begged until he got a chance to ride it.

Tippy just roamed around and enjoyed himself.  My sister has her little dog and then there are two other farm dogs. 

Lou fell in love with Molly the border collie.  They played soccer together.  They played tag.  They laid and cuddled.   Lou fell in love, and I think Molly did too.

My sister's little dog Harley has been so happy since moving to the farm. 

I guess Tippy's a farm dog at heart.

Lou came home and drew these pictures of the dogs he was missing.  We will be visiting again this summer whether of not we're invited.

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