Wednesday, October 5, 2016

they come in threes, right?

They say bad things come in three, right?  We've met our limit- within four weeks.  

Bee was playing in a soccer game.  Have I mentioned that she's pretty good?  Then she fell  and broke her arm. 

 She's feeling good and was able to be a splint instead of a cast.  In fact, she broke it mid-game and finished the rest of the game before alerting us to a problem.  She didn't even tell her coach, who is a doctor.  She told us when we were the last ones in the parking lot.  Grrr. 

The next week Hubby needed gallbladder surgery.

Two weeks later, the day after dear hubby had returned to work it was Lou's turn.  We were camping at a friend's house and he took a hard landing on a fireman's pole.  

Look away if you need to! 

There was crying and screaming to a level I've never seen.  It was intense.  

Lou was sent home in a temporary cast pending an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon.  When the swelling went down, the surgeon said he didn't need surgery and would stay in the temporary cast another week- but no school all week.   Which brings us to today.  Third day in a row home from school.  He'll get new X-rays next week. His pain meds were readjusted and he is so much more comfortable.  Each day is better than the last. 

Thank goodness for friends.  Different friends have brought us ice-cream, took Bee to her physical therapy appointments, helped us transport Lou to appointments, loaned us medical equipment, sent over things to do, and just came over and loved on us.  

Our house is not wheel chair friendly!  He's taken over the master as it's on the first floor.  Thank goodness for sisters.  They'll watch movies with you and help you take advantage of the no eating in bed rule.  

That's three things... we don't need any more!

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