Wednesday, October 5, 2016

school time

Seriously, we're almost at the end oft first quarter of school.  I'm stuck at home with an injured kid (more on that later), so I've got a few minutes on my hand.  

Happy First Day of School!   Lou is in 4th, Bee is in 6th (first day is team building/field day activities- no cute first day of school), I'm teaching 3rd, hubby is still in the office.  This is our new house... we are still loving it!

My lovely third grade team.  I heart these ladies!

Bee's second day is 'her' first day.  She has a laptop this year.  Seriously, when did this all happen?  She's taking so much stuff it's like she's moving in. 

Here is poses with a few soccer teammates in front of the construction site.  We're building a high school!  In some ways 2023 seems so far off... Until you think that it's already 2016! 

We started our back to school staff meetings with a little dancing.  You know you work with a cool staff when the meeting opens with a cherographd dance number! 

Here's my classroom.  My theme for the year for myself is tidy, organized, and efficent.  

(Note the little boy head in the bottom- poor kid has to hang at school a lot)

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