Friday, October 7, 2016

that blue dress

So I had this navy dress that had been with me forever.  Like since the mid 90s.

 Just to date this photo, the sister in the sunflower dress is a wife and mother and the littlest sister-baptized baby is in her lat year of college and engaged.  hmm... Littlest sister was born in 1994.   


So it still fit, but needed a little loving. The length was weird. Not maxi dress long, not ate and short.  I love to wear dresses to school- basically because you're not wearing pants.  I considered removing the sleeve, but I have to wear a sleeve to school so that seemed pointless. 

I looked around online and discovered that the print is pretty cool again.  

I decided to shorted it and add a belt with the removed length.  

Totally wearable again.  

Thinking about what else I have that could use a little remake.   I've probably got this dress somewhere...  Hello 1997.   

On a side note, this was one of my senior picture.  It was a pose my mom wanted.  That was back when the show 'Touched by and Angel' was popular.  There was this scene in the opening credits where she is wearing a hat and dress in this style and sitting barefoot on a suitcase waiting for her next assignment.  That's what inspired this lovely photo. 

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