Saturday, December 23, 2017

catching up- Fall

This seems to be the way things have gone around here... No blogging... a big catch up... no blogging, catch up, repeat.

I have broken my catching up into 4 posts... here's catching up: fall. 

Bee played soccer again this fall.  She loves her team.  The core of them have played together for years and are such sweet girls. 

Lou played baseball of course.  He did a little pitching this season.  He spends the rest of his time at first or catcher.  

He hit a home run this season!  I think I called it last year when he was still in his leg cast.  I can now say the recovery is complete.  It took a full year to be back at 100%.  

He's had several others that have been so close, but he finally got it this year! 

Tippy got to go to some games.  I didn't think it was fair that he was alone all day and then alone in the evening too.  

  It was a busy fall.  

So busy, I forgot to order enough school pictures.  No one will notice, right?

As soon as baseball was over, basketball started.  Hubby coached again, he's off to the right here.   Lou has a great team.  They didn't win a lot, but they sure had fun.  

Being back with my school buds is great (missing one team member here). 

It's been a challenging year in many ways.  I'm trying to make sure we still get to do my favorite classroom activities- although there never seems like enough time in the day.  Here we are doing my favorite 'Growing Up Where Jesus Lived' cumulative activity.  It's a taste testing event and who doesn't love that>

Enjoying our school's big fall fund raiser.  Missing the same sweet teammate :)  

Raising money for the school requires some pie in the face!  At least it wasn't my turn for the dunk tank this year.  

This poor cat... He's a jerk, but he's awfully cute.  Seriously, this marks his 15the year with us.  We joke that he'll outlive us all.  

We took our annual fall break trip with friends (20162015, 2104).  We traveled about 5 hours this year, instead of our normal 45 minute trip.  It required a parking lot picnic, which embarrassed Bee to no ends!    I had hoped to find a little park or rest stop or something... but it didn't work out.  What if she saw someone she knew?  At a Walmart parking lot in the middle of rural Kentucky!

We love traveling with friends.  The mamas plan out the meals and prep before we go.  Planning and prepping is part of the fun! 

This new place we stayed is on Lake Cumberland in Kentucky.  Only a few made it all the way down the hill to the water.  

It was steep! 

Bee was in her happy place, just the two of us, alone in the quiet, looking for fossils.  

We found so many fossils.  It was a science teachers dream location! 

We took a more kid friendly trip to the marina. 

It rained a good bit one day but we had plenty of indoor games to play. 

girls vs. boys pictionary

partner kan jam tournament

Group shot- final day

On our way home, we all stopped at Mammoth Cave.  We love caves! (Blue Springs Cavern, Merango, Squire Boon Cavern)

Fall break also gave up time to hit up my FAVORITE place, Escape room! We did the enchanted library room this time, and again, we almost made it!

Our school staff made a trip to Holiday World right before they closed for the season.  

I got a new car in the car and promptly backed it over the railroad ties on the driveway.  It took three friends, a bundle of wood, several texts with my dad, and a giant jack to fix my problem.  

Daddy-o was busy at work, so the kids and I had to go get pumpkins, just the three of us- so we took Tippy along.  Sometimes payroll falls at inconvenient times, but since he pays up both, we like for him to complete it on time!

He can't get the whole selfie thing! 

We trick or treated with friends.  I didn't get any pictures of the kids in costume?  I did get a picture of the candy sorting and trading the next day.  

Bee and her principal and two friends hit up the escape room too!  They made it out! 

No broken bones, no surgeries!  It was a happy fall indeed! 

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