Sunday, July 13, 2014

Merango Cave

Our next day trip took us to Marengo cave in Marengo, IN.   I'd never been in a cave and was the most excited of any of us to go.  Marengo cave is one of the most decorated caves in the United States, said the sign.  I didn't have anything to compare it to, so it was pretty decorated.

It was 52 degrees in the cave.  It was in the 90s out, so it felt wonderful!  Plus we learned a lot about cave formations.  In this picture, we have a collection of stalagmites, stalactites, soda straws, columns and a curtain.

Our guide was super informative and had some cave jokes that kept the tour lively.  There were two tour options and we took the one mile, one hour tour.  We will come back and do the shorter tour next time because they cover different areas of the cave.   It was an easy walk and none of us felt claustrophobic or closed in at all.  It was extremely dark, of course, but there were enough lights along the way so we could see where we were going and see the cave structures that our guide pointed out.  At one point, he turned out all the artificial light and we were in the most absolute darkness. 

This cave was discovered in 1883 and was immediately open for public tours. It has been used in many capacitates over the years, a church, concert hall, wedding location, boy scout campground, refrigerator, and ganster hide out.  We don't really know about the gansters, but I figure as much.

There was a neat mining experience for the kids.  You bought a bag of sand at the gift shop and took it out to the mining trough and washed away the sand. 

Bee was left with gemstones and Lou was left with arrowheads.

Then he went back and bought another bag using his own money.   Four arrowheads is great, but ten is better.

What another great day trip!  Now it's back to regular days.  The grocery store is calling my name.... and the laundry... and the garden.

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