Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Book Character Days

(Sorry the format is all messed up here... I can't figure out what's gone wrong... )

The kids celebrated book characters at school last week. Lou's class dressed up as a favorite book character. Here he's a karate kid from Karate Tornado. It's a fictional book we made up to avoid a tantrum after a last minute costume change. It sounds like a real book. Don't judge. (We were going with Karate Mouse, which is a real book, but then on the way out the door, he decided that was not a 'cool' title. I panicked and told him about another book called Karate Tornado.)

They partied in their classroom and then paraded through the school, including our preschool.

Bee's second grade class dressed as bible characters and gave 2 minute oral reports in character. She chose Hannah from the book of Samuel. They partied in the classroom (and made these teepees) and enjoyed some book themed snacks.


Then they went to a wax museum put on by the third and fourth graders.

There were so many good ones.

The kids dressed as a non-fiction book character and when you pressed their golden spray painted mouse, they gave a 30 second speech about their character.

All of them did a great job. Bee and Lou's school does so many of these really cool things that make me realize I underestimate what the kids are capable of.

The trifold poster must have been part of their assignment requirement.


Anne Frank may have been my favorite. I'm partial to her story though, I got to be Anne Frank in a high school play. I had to sing, it wasn't pretty. The singing part wasn't pretty... the rest was really good!

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