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Wax Museum- from November

I'm pretty much stalling going to the basement to exercise... so I found something from November to share.  I've shared about our school's Wax Museum project before.  Here's 2014.  It's a great event, tons of work but with an impressive end product.  

Here's my sweet third grade team dressed as Ms. Frizzle, the mouse from if you give a mouse a cookie, Mary Poppins, and Minnie Mouse.   (They painted the walls in out hall last summer, blah!)

Each grade participates in some way.  In kindergarten they dressed up like a nursery rhyme, in first they dresses up like their favorite bible character, in second they dressed up like an animal that they read a book about and did a report about.  In third we read a fiction book, dress up like a character from the book, but present about the author that we've researched.  In fourth, they choose a famous historical person.  In fifth (pictured below) they choose a president of first lady. Teachers dress up as they choose. 

Here's my friend, Captain Underpants presenting about the author that created him, Dav Pilkey.  

Each class gets to give out a few awards, best costume and best presentation.  Amelia Bedilia was my costume winner this year. 

The Fox from Jan Brett's The Mitten was my best presentation. 

Lou read a book by Dan Gutman about Sachel Paige.  He dressed as this 1940's Negro League baseball player. His board had to have info about the author, list other books by the author, display the setting of his book, and have a photo of the author.  I made him use the costume as his Halloween costume as well since I had to order the jersey and spent time making the letters for the front.  Bee was less cooperative.  I posted this picture and a short description of the project on Dan Gutman's Facebook page and he responded himself that it was a great project and he thought Lou did a great job and he hoped Lou got an A!   

(On a side note, I have since unfriended Mr. Gutman.  There was an unrelated Facebook conversation later where I thought he and several friends/fans were criticizing a young fan and I was slightly offended. It took a religious turn.  I left a comment that I still stand behind.  After a followup post and conversation I decided it was better for me to unfriend and leave that conversation!  He's an engaging writer and Lou enjoys his books, but perhaps would not be described as a compassionate mentor to a young person.  Why share that?  I sometimes read through old post and remember little details of our days that I had forgotten,  I guess I thought that was something I might want to remember some day.)

Bee was assigned Mary Todd Lincoln.  I was crossing my fingers for Jackie O. simply because that costume would have been fun. 

Our third graders got to travel around during the fifth graders wax museum time and hear their 1 minute speeches.  Lou is in the baseball outfit.  Two of my students are next to him.  I told them all to go hear Mary's speech! 

Bee was not happy to wear a puffy dress, but we compromised and I sewed it pretty form fitting until the waist. No puff in the sleeves!  I used one of the skirts from Annie and found enough fabric left to compose the top.  She wore gloves from Peter Pan and some of my jewelry.  I might have and unusual amount of costumes hoarded in my basement... 

Three unlikely friends. 

Here's Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln.  Mr. Lincoln is a former student and a sweet, sweet boy.  I'm saving this one for their reception slide show.  Shhh. 

Here are some of the teachers who dressed up for the day.  The fifth grade teachers might be my favorite!  Since their students were presidents and first ladies, they were secret service agents.  Not exactly a book character, but great nonetheless.  

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