Saturday, May 5, 2018

catching up- Winter

Yikes, here's some old photos I'm just catching up on. Winter.  Geesh. 

Daddy and Lou at basketball.  So much basketball. 

The kid's got rid of the pumpkins for us! 

Staff Christmas Party.  I gave the best white elephant gift this year.  I saved up all the gift cards I had gotten in the past year (some with a bit of money, most with none) and gave them away as a bunch.  The family that got them said they spent a happy afternoon calling the number on each card and found a total of $8.50 on the cards! 

Bee went to a Christmas Activity at school.  Take note it was NOT a dance, it was an activity.  

She said I could not go as a chaperone... but I had friends chaperoning and several sent me pictures.  (She absolutely has a tank top on under the dress, it's ivory.)

Turns out there was dancing. 

We decorated our doors for Christmas at school.  My goal was quick, easy, but cute.  I printed out a large picture of the Elf and invited people to take a selfie with an elf.  Even people in the building for tours stopped by to get their selfie taken. 

Our favorite December activity- the food drop at our church.  We take the Thanksgiving week's offering and use it all to buy wholesale food.  It arrives via semi trucks. 

Hundreds of volunteers offload the trucks. 

Then we fill orders from the local food pantries. 

Then we deliver the food to fill the empty shelves

Ok, let's move on to warmer weather. 

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