Wednesday, May 2, 2018


I took this linguistic class in college that was the hardest class I ever took.  It was part of my reading specialist certificate (a title they shortly later got rid of).  I worked harder than I had in any other class and really learned a lot (and I still mess up more than I should!).  I don't think I earned higher than a B in there, but it was well earned.  I made pretty good grades in college, but I think I was more proud of that B than other better grades.  Isn't that funny about hard work, how rewarding it is? 

Maybe it started in that linguistic class, but I really love working with prefixes with my kiddos. 

I was making up some prefix stuff for my kiddos this year and thought I'd stick them in the shop.  Apparently, other teachers are working on the same skills because they're doing pretty well.

Each set has an introduction activity where you can present these prefixes and delve into the way they change words. 

Then each set has an application activity sheet.  This can be used dozens of ways.  It can be an in-class piece, a daily five tool, or an assessment sheet. 

I have a freebie so you can see what they're like and try it out without risk:

Prefixes that Mean Not  mis, un, dis, im, in

The other sets are available separately and in a bundle:

-or- Save over $3.00 with the prefix bundle!

Did you know that you can earn 5% back in TPT credits when you leave feedback!  I just got caught up on leaving feedback and now have $3.00 ready to go towards my next purchase!  Sellers love feedback (especially the good kind).  That's a win-win!

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