Sunday, May 6, 2018

Charlotte's Web Novel Study

I say it like a dozen times during the year, but this is my favorite thing we do all year.  I love reading Charlotte's Web with my third graders.  I love it because even though they've seen the movie, most haven't read the book.  Even those that have still enjoy another read. There are some sweet and funny parts and I love Templeton's lines- he's the best.  For the past several years we've been using random pieces from various sources and piecemealed our study together.  I decided to create my own resource that contains everything I wanted to use for our novel study.  It's ready and I've been using it and I'm ready to share it in my shop. 

I sorted the items into Plot:



Word Choice:

Mentor Text:

 Assessment pieces:

and Cumulative Activites:

 I'm super excited that it's done, happy to have a complete (and tidy and rigorous) resource for my kiddos and for my team.  I'm also really excited because next year when it's time for this, I'll be giving this to my student teacher!  I can't say how excited I am to have a student teacher.  We met this week and she is fan-tas-tic! 

I'm breaking this big novel study up into chunks to also list small pieces.  Right now, I have listed the whole inclusive novel study.

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