Friday, February 24, 2012

more watercolor painting- older kids

I was in charge of the 'craft' for Bee's 1st grade class Valentines' party.  I looked around online and really kept coming back to more of an 'art' project. 

We made valentines for the kiddo's parents.  We gave them 4x4 ish inch watercolor paper and they drew a simple picture with a sharpie.  Then they used watercolor color pencil to add some color to the inside of the drawing. 

Then, they used water and a brush to fill in the picture.

Then they glued them to color card stock we had cut in half and wrote a lovely little note to their mama and daddies inside.

The kids had such a good time.  Some of them wanted to keep working rather than moving onto the next activity.  Oops.

This was an easy project to prep for and with some simple directions they were able to really work happily independently.  The best part was that we ended up with precious little love notes for them to give to them parents. 

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