Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ss stone soup- preschool style

I ended up teaching an extra day this week, sort of last minute. Thankfully there are so many great choices for the letter Ss. I was thinking sharks, but ended up going with stone soup and making a math sandwich. Mostly, because I had the book on hand and all the supplies I needed. Sometimes that trumps all. 

This is the book that we had at our house growing up. I always thought the old lady in the story looked like a witch, but she's just a nice old lady... in scary clothes. 

Any version of Stone Soup would work for this activity. It's simple, just a retelling. I'm trying to keep things a little more simple, as those days seem to be our more enjoyable days at preschool. 

I had most of the ingredients from the story already, but needed up make up the felt carrots, onions and beef bones.  I passed out one item to each child and as I read the story they listened for their item and added it to the pot.  You could have more stirrers or stones to have enough items for each child.   I had planned some additional retelling after we were done, but time-wise /attention-wise, we needed to move on.  That usually trumps all.

 Then, to go with our soup, we made a sandwich.  There were enough ingredients for each child to add one.  I passed out the pieces and we rolled the dice.  They had to watch for their number to know when to add it to the sandwich.   (oops, it got a little wet on the way home)  I specifically gave each child an ingredient for a number they needed to work on.  I love having the data from our assessments to work with.  I'll have to share more about that some time.

I laid out the bread and then when a 5 was rolled, the mustard was added. 

We kept rolling and adding ingredients. 

When we had all the  sandwich parts added, I topped it off with the top bread and each child took a pretend bite before going to their seats to do paperwork.   Except, one friend took a real bite.  There's always one.

Here was the craft for the day, star stickers on the letter S. 

Easy peasy, simple day.  Love it!

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