Sunday, February 26, 2012

art show

It's been art show time at our house again.  The kids took their art and taped it all over the house. 

They have priced it and it's available for sale.  Bee's are priced at 10 cents each.  She thinks she will sell more this way.  Last time they were 25 cents.

Bee and Lou, both entrepreneurs, even brought out the cash register to help ring up sales.

It's all for sale. Lou pulled a table and easel out into the hallway so he can keep working as well as watch his shop.

He's priced his a little higher.  $1 each picture. 

He prefers to work in marker.   Marker and sticker. 

If you come by our house, bring your wallet.  You will be hard pressed to get out without some shopping.

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