Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rr Robot snack and Lou's leader day

Recently, it was Rr robot day and it was Lou's leader day. I was so pumped because I had seen a fun robot snack and knew immediately what I wanted to make. The mom who was the leader in my classroom saw it too and they brought the same thing.   Pinterest!  It's two little boxes of raisins, a juice box, an applesauce, and two pretzle sticks wrapped in plastic wrap.  I didn't glue it all together, we just stacked them when we got there.

Lou gave his teachers a little treat, dried apples.

I made up these little bag tags using an image I found on pinterest and then messed around with it a bunch. 

Here was the craft, red rectangle robots.  I talked about process verse product a little the other day.  Process art is something I feel pretty strongly about for little ones, but I also think kiddos can get a good bit of pride from a nice looking finished work.  I sat with the kids during this art project while I gave them the directions; to make some kind of red rectangle robot, the rest was up to them.  Here are a few of them:

My favorite was the vacuum robot, of course after Lou's red robot on the right.

Lou loves leader day!  He loves leading the class in the morning routine.

The pledge is his favorite part.  I hear him say it in the car anytime we drive by a flag.  We live in a patriotic neighborhood.  There's a lot of pledging in the car.

Lou has two of the sweetest teachers.  Here he is sharing his huskie dog and his raccoon during his show and tell. 

These robots are not something my class did or even Lou's class.  The third class in our hallway made these adorable recycled robots.  I really want to make them next year.  They turned out so cute.  Another reason for me to start hoarding!

I've got some sewing projects coming up soon to share, I just haven't had as much time to sit and work on my blog lately.  Lately, I'd rather spend that time doing the things I like to blog about!

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