Friday, May 24, 2013

reading and playing around

I haven't updated the books we've been reading in awhile.

This spring we've read:

Adventures of Mohan and Mohan in the Jungle both by Ella Grove.  They were lent to us by a homeschooling friend and are by the folks at Rod and Staff.  Both were good reads. 

 Also from Rod and Staff, we read Bread for the Winter by Harvey Yoder.  All three books have strong Christian messages and were books we enjoyed.  I may read Bread for the Winter as a read-aloud next year to my 3rd graders. 

Just this last week we read Stone Fox by John Reynolds Gardiner.  It's one of the novels we will read in 3rd grade.  I hated to ruin it for Bee, but I need to read all our novels this summer so I'm ready.  WOW,  surprise ending to that book!  It was so good that we read it in two days.  The kids couldn't wait for me to read more.  They even asked me to read during dinner, which I did one day.  Major surprise at the end.  I'm glad that I pre-read it though.  If I was reading it with the kids at school, I would have been caught off guard for sure!

I'll add these to our longer list of read-alouds.

unrelated photos:

Both kids hit 38 inches over the winter and can now go on the big rides at the amusement park! 

I won't go on either of these rides!  Thankfully hubby is brave and will take the kids.

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