Sunday, June 17, 2012

best boy birthday present!

Lou got a lot of great birthday presents.  The one that's kept him most occupied recently is a small tool box.  He even spent some birthday money on some additional tools.  The friend that gave it to us said that she put it together for under $10 and was her go-to boys gift.  When I took Lou to Harbor Freights to get a few other pieces, I see how she did it.   What good prices for cheap tools.

He's gone through all the scrap wood in the garage and we've had to beg from neighbors.  I picked up a pallet and have ripped some of boards from it, but it's splintery and when I saw it, it breaks in a dangerous fast-flying-wood sort of way.  With the wood he can work with, he's built a boat and a house and a Great Wall of China. 
I've found a new go to boys gift now too!


Happy Together said...

That is so cool! My hubby got his first power saw today and him and my daughter had fun making a bird feeder. Makes me wonder what it would be like to have a boy all into it too :)

Anonymous said...

I was looking for images of loaded tool boxes for my 5 yr old Daughter to set one up for her. You did really well.

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