Thursday, July 10, 2014

new harmony, Indina

I usually am vague about specific locations we visit, except today I'm not.  It was a little but of a drive for us, so I'm just putting it out there.  The fam and I found ourselves with a few vacation days for hubby and no real plans.  We had some plans and then we tried to do too much and anyway, canceled something and ended up with a few days at home. It worked out.  We took a day trip to New Harmony, Indiana. 

Murphy Park  "Playtopia"

It's a small town that has one of those peaceful, restful paces about it, cute quaint shops, downtown walking and unique sites.  The residents travel in gold carts and some streets are walking only.  The town itself has a great history, being settled as Christian refuge in the early 1800s and then artist utopia almost one hundred years later.  This lesson in history is vague and rough at best.  Anyway, it's full of artists and hosts historical tours, art festivals and music events. 

Bliss Artisan Icecream

We visited the quaintest little icecream shop.  It had funky vintage décor that pretty much fit the eclectic feel of the entire town.  It also had pretty great homemade ice cream.  It was Lou's #1 event, we ranked the activities on our way home. 

Bee found an ancient typewriter on the floor and hung out there.  (She has decided not to blog anymore for awhile saying that she is too busy for that and also it turns out it's just not her thing.) 

A big part of the attraction in the town are a series of historic buildings.  There are houses and shops from two different historic eras, one being in the early 1800s and the other at the end of the 1800s.  There are old log cabins next to Victorian homes, next to current modern homes.   

Some of the buildings are open only during festivals and special events and during the twice daily walking tours.  My favorite site of the day, which happens to be open most every day is the oculus house.    It's stinking amazing.  You step into this dark cabin and shut the door.  There are benches on the wall to the right and left of the door.  The door has a hole in it and after letting your eyes adjust, you can see everything outside the cabin as though it's being projected on the walls.  It's amazing, it was my #1 event.   

There are miles and miles of trails to walk and a lake with turtles to feed. 

And rocks to be skipped.

One of the neat things I had heard about but had never been to is the roofless church. 

We literally stumbled upon it.  It's sort of a walled in court yard, that's the roofless part.  Then there is this roofed structure in the middle.   I think they do weddings and such here but don't have regular church services at the present time.

There were lots of little tucked away spots for sitting and such.  There were little gardens and fountains tucked away in shady corners.  It was very peaceful. 

As we walked around town, we saw dozens of water well pumps like this one.  Bee and Lou drank out of every single one-  Bee with her hands, Lou with his whole face.

What I thought would be our favorite activity, but didn't make anyone's #1 spot was the labyrinth.  It's like a real life tall bushes maze. 

Although a labyrinth isn't really a maze, but rather a meditative waking trail.  Something like that.  Here's a stock photo borrowed from the iupui website.   If you follow the path and don't take any cheats, you will mindlessly wind your way to the prayer chapel in the center.  I think you'd be walking like an hour if you did. 

We have another fun day planned for tomorrow for our impromptu stay-cation.  The pizza stop on the way home will no doubt be Lou's #1 for the day. 

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Aunt Donna said...

Sounds like a great trip. Even though we missed seeing you.. Your timing couldn't have been better. We've had terrible weather down here. The storms started Tuesday afternoon with flooding, trees down and power outages. The paper said there was up to 7 inches of rain in the area. No damage here... But we are ready for some sunshine.

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