Wednesday, July 9, 2014

happy fourth

Happy Fourth of July.  It's late... what's new.   We spent the fourth at Hubby's parents which I think we've done for just about as long as the kids have been around.  For a few years, we drove home on the night of the fourth and watched the firework shows of dozens of small towns as we drove through the country.  It was my favorite way to enjoy fireworks. 


 Lou wanted me to get a close up of his eye.  Of course that makes sense. 

I just wanted one nice photo.

 apparently was behind the camera the whole trip. 

These are my favorite firework!  I bought several for Bee's upcoming birthday party.  I love the paper sky lanterns.  This year it sailed away and then came back into over the top of us a few minutes later.  Winds must have changed. 

The kids were entertained by tractor rides. It was daddy on the riding lawn mower.  They sat in grandpas new wagon and went all over town like that.

Bee got a new hat which we are both in love with.  She bought it with her allowance. 

Lou lit off all 144 free bottle rockets that come with your firework purchase.  Reminds me of my brother who would light off bottle rocket after bottle rocket for the weeks before and after the fourth.  I think the town marshal got involved at times. 

All 144.  Poor dog, he hid inside the whole trip.

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