Monday, May 16, 2011

You're invited

Lou's having a camp out birthday party.  You can come via From The Hive. A virtual camp out is probably way better than an actual one with 15 little boys and a yard full of mosquitoes. 

For the envelopes, I used the tops of medium sized paper bags.  Randomly, I had saved these tops of bags that I cut off to make something for preschool.  I'm not sure what I thought I would do with them, but I did find something. I sewed around the edges. The names of the friends on the front are supposed to look like wood.  They sort of do.  It always hard to choose who to invite, what groups, what kids.  I had him pick just a few boys from class and a few we play with, a few from his Sunday school class, one friend of Bee's, etc.  Summer birthdays let you do that, at least when they are 4 and won't remember to talk about it at school in the fall.

Anyway, I knew I wanted the invites to be tents that opened with the info inside.  To make my pattern, I drew out the front and then cut the other pieces i needed.  There was a lot of taping and cutting and re-taping.  When I got an appropriate pattern, I just traced it a bunch of times on construction paper.  I needed the invites to cost $0 since I have two other areas I knew where going to eat more of the party budget.  Everything for the invites I had on hand.  We will be hand delivering the invitations. 

I printed the inside info out on my computer.  I just made a triangle in Word and filled in the shape with a text box.   I found a free text online called 'wreckage' for the words "Camp Luke,"  and I'll be using it for some other things for the party. 

I've been scouring the web for ideas for the party.  There are some really neat ideas out there.  Here are a few I'm using as inspiration:
camp out party


Randi~Dukes and Duchesses said...

Very cute invitation ... and thanks for linking to my camp party! The internet is such an awesome source, isn't it?

Jennifer Juniper said...

This is a great invitation! Now I want to plan a party...

randi said...

cute little invitations! seriously fun!

April said...

Adorable invites!

Crystal said...

Thanks so much, I made these for my daughter's birthday next week. I adapted your bag idea by slipping into a lunch sack and printing a cute label in wood font (pinewood, free :)) and adorable image from google images; then folding the bag with the label holding it closed.
They look fabulous. Thanks again.

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