Friday, November 18, 2016

that leg- part 2

Oh, that leg!  (Part I) We went in to get x-rays about two weeks after the break and discovered that the bone had shifted and was not in the right position.  That explained the pain poor Lou was in.  The pain we were all in! 

Poor kid needed to have it re-set and cast in a big ol' heavy cast. Thankfully we had a full week off this year for fall break- perfect for recovery.  

He got a big. Heavy. Long. Annoying cast.  It's been the bane of my existence.  

The procedure went well and only set us back 2 weeks.  Oh Geesh. 

Lou eventually got used, mostly, to things and we got a system in place for all the things we usually do.  We're on week seven now but this has seriously been the longest weeks of our lives.   It has been harder than I expected and really just a rough time.  

He missed the last bit of baseball season and is missing all of basketball season.  

School has been tough, but he's managed.  We've managed.  Thankfully hubby and I work at the school and are able to help out as needed.  It's been a lot on hubby- Lou has needed help in and out of the building each time classes change.  

Next week we go back for more x-rays and hopefully we end up with a boot or at least a shorter cast. Hopefully a boot.  He could use a better shower these days.  Just saying!

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