Wednesday, September 12, 2012

very hungry caterpillar -new fun

This story re-telling can is inspired form this pin.  It's from the blog Strong Start, although I can't find the specific post on their blog.  Before I forget, here are a bunch of butterfly activities from last year.

The can is covered in tissue paper and water ed-downed glue.  The (removable with velcro) wings and the antennae are laminated tissue paper.  I just hot-glued the antenna to the inside of the rim.  I will be doing any lid removable, so I think it's sturdy for our purposes. 

I used some garage sale embroidery thread to make a raggedy stripe on the little guy.   Bee helped me sort of knot and loop and tie and cut, almost one of hose friendship bracelets where you are just slip knotting around all the other strands.  We hot glued that on.

I was picturing the pieces going in the mouth with a clang, so I used old canning jar lids and a hot chocolate can with a metal interior.

The lid already happened to be red.  That's because we like hot chocolate with marshmallows and that's the red lid at our store.  The clip art for the food items is from a google images search.  There were several choices for 'very hungry caterpillar food.'   Lou glued those on blue circle and I laminated them before hot gluing them to the old lids.   The kids will touch those, so hopefully they'll be sturdy enough.

Bee and Lou suggested a 'nice healthy green leaf' after I was done, so we laminated a tissue paper leaf. 

My co-teacher also planned some new hungry caterpillar activities, so we might spend a few days reading and reading this book.  Good thing it's always a kid favorite!

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