Saturday, September 8, 2012

first day of school for me!

 Here's my classroom.  I've been so excited to get it all finished and to share pictures.  I've had the pictures up and ready all week, but it's taken all week for me to get a chance to write anything.  I share the room with my wonderful co-teacher.  Here we are- ready for the kiddos to come. 

It's just our room during the week, on Sundays, the Sunday school teachers move it.  We have to pack away most of our decorations and goodies on Fridays and set up again on Monday. It stinks, but it's part of it.

Here's the finished project involving the many many yards of denim.  I made new curtains for all the classrooms.  I was glad when it was done!   We tried to keep the room inviting and engaging but not over stimulating.

We got a fresh coat of paint this summer but lost our big bulletin board in the process.  We tweaked our original bulletin board idea and made it fit a smaller one.   Lou volunteered some of his artwork for the first few days until we start using the chalk board.

I made up this banner and had planned to hang it in hallway, but plans changed.  I do like it about our counter area. I used the leftover red and white dot card stock paper from Bee's birthday thank yous.

The kids spend almost an hour of each day in what we call 'the big room.'  It's our enrichment area with play centers and art areas, etc.   Those fabric clouds were another summer sewing project.  They are just white muslin rectangles and are magnet-ed to the ceiling. They sort of help tone down the florescent lights.   All of the classes rotate through the room during the morning.

Here's from the other side of the room.  It got fresh paint this summer too and is even cuter than last year.

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aunt Donna said...

What a great looking classroom!

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