Monday, September 3, 2012

more pants to skirts

I've mentioned before (Here's the last set)  how we are the recipients of such lovely hand me downs for the kids from friends.  It's such a blessing!  When we are done, we try to bless others in the same way.  The little girl we pass most of Bee's things to does not wear pants.  Our shorts and tanks go to a different home. I am able to transform some of pants into skirts for her.  They take a bit longer than one would think, but I love that she gets something original and we are able to share the bottoms again.  Once they are on their fourth kid, they could use a little work anyway.

About 90% of the pants need extra fabric added to allow for movement; she's not a mermaid and needs some leg room.  I put all the fabric for this on in the back.  There are only so many places you can add it, so I like to mix it up. I added some hearts to the front to add some detail and cover a slightly worn spot.

This khaki pair got fabric added in the front and back.  The pleated ruffle on the bottom added the required length. 

Then I couldn't help  add flowers to the front in coordinating fabric and buttons.  

I have four more pair of pants laying on the cutting board, but this is a filler project for me.  There is no deadline, so it gets pushed off. 


Sparkling said...

I'd love to see a picture of how those skirts hang. I bet they are cute. All spread out in the pictures, it looks like a pair of pants with material around it, but I imagine that when it hangs, you don't realize they were formerly pants. Right?

What would happen if you cut up the side of the pant legs and add a little fabric there too?

Danielle said...

So cute Beth! And thank you for all the lovely hand me downs we have received!

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