Saturday, September 1, 2012

loose items

I mentioned yesterday that the kids have been playing a lot with our 'loose items.' 

That's what we've turned the train table into right now. 

All the loose items sit on it in bowls and baskets ready for play. 

They get built into tree houses and forts and castles and today a car wash. 

We have out the log blocks, round river rocks, wooden people, wooden trees (from the train set), wooden flat platforms, wooden flat rods, few satin pieces (leftover from the years of capes), large colored feathers (that never made it on the Indian outfit), big shells, and glass beads (from the light box).

Kids love to mix items together and generally we discourage that because it makes things take a long time to clean up.  I like that they can mix and build and it's so open ended that they can play everyday with a different set-up.  

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