Saturday, September 22, 2012

stuff to do

 I haven't been blogging like normal.  I've had stuff to do.  School is  keeping me busy.

There's also been some soccer. 

And then we bought one of these.  The minivan, not the kid.  But the whole car shopping was more time invasive than I thought it would be. 

There have been house guests and birthdays.

This yummy gluten free cake was made by my friend and baker (from Bee's party) for my sister.

And last trips to the amusement park before the season ends.  That's Bee with my youngest sister (who you may have met here).

Seriously, Bee rode this!  I wouldn't do it, but she asked to ride it!  It's the world's tallest water ride.  135 feet in the air.  45 degree angle drop. 

The garden is almost finished, but still putting out more than I care to collect right now.

There's been a lot of extra art time here.  Lou is being pretty prolific with his art right now.  He's pretty much in my favorite art stage.  All his drawings are just precious. This is daddy as an astronaut.

And then there's all the extra clean up he requires. 

Plus, hubby and I both had the flu last week and now have nice head colds.  No picture for this one.  You're welcome.

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