Monday, September 3, 2012

remake- sheet to baskets

I saw the idea for making little nesting baskets out of fabric strips at Petals to Picots, which I found via pinterest. Mine don't really fit inside each other very well, but they aren't ending up together in the end.  I tried to follow that pattern at first, but ended up loosing count on the stitches and just winging it. It's easy crochet- Just a single crochet all the way around.

My youngest sister sent me a full size sheet with a hole in the middle.  Most would not re-gift such an item, but I was pleased to get it and knew just what to make with it.  That makes this a remake-  sheet to basket.  It got cut or ripped in about 1 inch strips.  If you sort of zig zag them, you can do the hole piece of fabric in 1 continuous super long strip.  To see the zig zag cutting pattern, click on that link above to the original source.

The medium one is on the kitchen counter holding lunch box notes I printed off various blogs I found through pinterest and the tiny one is in Bee's room holding treasures.  The biggest was sent back to the sister- who is the proud new resident of a dorm room. 

I've been making others now too.  They are great to keep my hands busy when we are traveling. I made a colorful one that is rainbow-ed with different fabric scraps and a white one that Lou requested and I'm working on a series of denim nesting baskets for preschool.  They are leftovers of the never ending denim project that is now done and I'll photograph next week. I'll share all that after we get back from labor day travels.

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Sparkling said...

Ooooho you might have solved a puzzle I've been working on all week! I do a daily calendar activity in French and the kids have to answer 5 questions. The answers (weather, date, etc) are laminated with velcro on the back and you just stick them on, but where to keep them all is always a problem. For a long time, I had poster board with velcro and they could just stick on there when not in use, but they were always getting mixed in and kids would panic when they couldn't find the date or something in front of the class. This year, I have them all separated into categories and held with binder clips, but I don't think that will last long. I want small containers but didn't want to spend money. 5 of these little numbers might do the trick AND I wonder if I can make a rectangle out of one instead of round. Off to the drawing board....

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