Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I have school things to share, but the pictures are all on my phone, which is right next to me, but I have a hundred excuses not to walk downstairs and get the cord to upload them.  I'm tired and my toes are cold, so I'll just share some shots from what's now been almost two weekends ago.  We visited my sister a few hours north and took in a little zoo and a nice park. 


I jut don't understand kangaroos.  Maybe they're wallabies, but still, why aren't they scared of people?  Who decides what animals can be with people and what animals need to be behind bars?

These beautiful chickens only heightened my desire to own a few. 

And gave me ideas about my future coop.  

 Bee's on board with me with the chickens, Hubby is not. 

Baby goats.

Can one have a porcupine as a pet, because this guy is adorable?  Look at his little hands brought up to his mouth just eating away. 

The park was our favorite.  We will go back next visit.

In case you're comparing, Bee and Lou and roughly the same size these days.  Bee is 21 months older and about an inch taller.  I sometimes get asked if they are twins.  I think Lou has a much younger looking face, but I suppose they could pass for twins.

They're holding hands.  I will think of this little sweet action when they are mad at each other next.  Like later today probably.  Like as soon as we pick Be up from school.

My sister's sweet little dog is in poor health, although still hanging in there. He spent the whole weekend cuddling on the couch.  Lou got a little hair cut, so both boys have pretty similar hair right now.

Maybe we have triplets, not twins.

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