Wednesday, October 24, 2012

crazy shirt

 So, this friend of mine from Lou's school makes the cutest kids shirts where she takes a t-shirt and turns it into a really cute ruffly, trendy little outfit.  She uses knits from other shirts and does the whole remake thing.  They are darling.  She used stripes and dots and funky colors together.  I noticed that she had made the two kindergarten teachers hoodies from their school shirts and I had to have one.  I begged and begged and tried to make a deal with her, but she said she was too busy right now to make any adult shirts. She encouraged me to make my own. 

I hit the thrift store on ladies 50% off day and went to the XL section.  I figured I'd get more shirt for the money.  I found 5 shirts that sort of coordinated with my unfortunate colored preschool t-shirt.  I have $12 in this project and that's only because the hooded shirt was not included in the 50% off event- it stood at $4.  

I chose a shirt with an existing hood, so I could have a hood without trying to figure out a pattern for it.  I tried to work the construction of the shirt all out in my head first, but there was some cutting and sewing and guessing at parts.  There were no side seems in my shirt and I  tried to work around that.  When I looked again at my inspiration pieces, I noticed that she added side seems.  That makes more sense now.

It all worked out though.  Hubby said it looks like Punky Brewester.  My sister said, "But, do you like it?"  which means that she doesn't like it.   Well, I do. I like it.  It works for teaching preschool.  It's loose and comfy and colorful.

Yes, I'm taking nighttime bathroom mirror pictures.  I'm classy like that.  These are the pictures I sent to my friend as I was working on the shirt. She seemed to think it was ok, or she was kind about it.

It was 45 degrees the Friday I made this. I'm wearing sweatpants as I try it on.  I planned to wear Monday to school (and get some pictures), however it was 81 degrees.  It's fall in Indiana!  We'll try again next week.


April said...

I'll repeat what a close friend told me once, "Wearing your that shirt at preschool makes it fun and playful. Wearing it anywhere else makes it hideous."
Love your blog~~

Melissa Deeg said...

This is a super cute shirt! It is fun and imaginative and that is what preschoolers and creative minds love. Now I am going to have to go through my goodwill stash and attempt something funky myself. I think a band at the bottom that is tighter fitting than the top would be cute with skinny jeans and boots. Maybe bee would go for that? ;o)

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