Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bb for bees

We had Bb bumblebee day last week.  I love getting to pull from my old files for a starter.  I used some of the same things, but added a few new items.  Here's last year.

I read these two books, same as last year.  In the Trees, Honey Bees and Are You a Bee?

We played this letter identification game with B and b.  

We made this letter B craft again, except this year we rolled marbles in black paint around on the body of the B.  Here's Lou's from last year. 

I had more in my picture files this year to share with the kids.  This class really likes to talk about the pictures.  There are a few kinks to work out, like that a few kids want to share about every picture and are upset when I can't call on them for each one every time. 

For example, for this little bear picture, some said, "It's a bear cub in the flowers."  Another said, "The little bear is running to his mama because he got scared."

They had some fun comments for this little boy in boots.  Some decided that he was fishing with his grandpa and tossing some rocks while they waited for a fish to bite.

This boy on a bike was riding to school they thought.

I added this little activity.  This particular class is a little lower than my group last year, academically.  They need some additional number recognition work.  We used this sort of like a bingo page.    It's just a simple little page and played really simply, but it went really well.

I really like using the clear glass beads to cover up numbers and letter in a game because you can still see them.  I need to keep an eye out for more.

Here's the journal pages for Bb week.  You can read more about the journals Here.

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