Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ee elephant day- preschool style

We had a lovely Ee elephant day.  I was able to pull most of our activities from last year.   There are just a few new items.  Here's elephant day from last year.

I read the same elephant story, But No Elephants.  It was a favorite of mine from when I was little.  We used the story sticks.  The kids are very careful with them and it's going really well with using them to help retell stories. 

We also sorted E and e from a few other letters, written on peanuts. The baby elephants eats little e, the big mama eats big E.  We decided the daddy elephant would eat the other letters because dads always eat the scraps!  Those kids are funny. 

Same end of the day activity, the letter mazes. Here's Lou from last year. The link can be found here.

 Same two-cut elephant. 

We did these elephant action cards, which they thought was fun. They participated at least.   I think you'll find the link on this post about last year's elephant day.

I saw this on pinterest this summer; stamping the kids hands with the letter of the week.  We have been doing it and the kids like it and we are able to look at our hands during paperwork.  

Here is the journal page for the week.  It reads, "What just hatched out of the egg?"  Several did baby birds, a few did dinosaurs or snakes, etc.  One friend did a cat and other said a man. 

Here are the E pictures for the week.  They were pretty sure the Eagle was flying because a hunter was coming.  The two elephants are mama and baby.  I just love the little stories the kids create from these pictures.

Now that I've written all that, I see that most was a repeat.  It did make for an easy planning day!

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