Friday, July 12, 2013

graduation leftover

I've been meaning to share this item from our preschool graduation because it's absolutely the most precious thing ever.  These paper chains are waiting to go on stage.  I couldn't find a picture of them onstage, but use your imagination.... Each class has a long paper chain being held up by three pained dowel rods.  Each teacher wrote a prayer for each child on a strip and a separate prayer on a separate strip for their family.  These were organized and grouped by child with a white link in between. 

We carried them in with the kids as they walked in for graduation and then they sat on stage behind the kids during most of the program.  After the program they were taken to the hallway so the families could take their child's links home.    I cut out the ribbon like room labels on my silhouette.

There are literally hundreds of prayers written out specifically for each little friend and their family. It made for a really cute onstage decoration, a neat way to minister to the attendees at our graduation (many were surprised to learn that each link held a handwritten prayer from the teachers- we love our kiddos!) and a sweet memento to take home and save forever. 

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