Monday, July 29, 2013

camping... how I found some poison ivy

Our church hosted a campout for families  last weekend.  They have this little pond and field that made the perfect campsite.  They said they has close to 200 people RSVP, but It was super hot.  It was so hot, so hot that only about 60 of us stayed.  I used to like camping.

The next morning we had a fishing tournament.  We didn't catch a thing, but others caught some real big ones!

 Hubby's parents came over for the fishing morning and brought some tackle equipment and poles for us to use.   My patience after being and sleeping so hot was thin and I packed up the campsite while they fished.  I packed and packed and then announced fishing was over.
Somehow in all this hot fun, I found the one leaf of poison ivy in the whole place and this week I broke out in those painful poison bumps.  If you've had it before, you know.  Itchy itchy pain. 

I'm complaining but it really was lots of fun and we hung out with friends and had the closest thing to a slumber party I've been to in 15 years.

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