Tuesday, July 9, 2013

teacher thank you with thank you

 We really came up with a cute teacher thank you this spring.  It came together at the last minute, as all great gifts do!  It could have been done a little more economically had I shopped around for more inexpensive thankyous.  It was last minute as I said. 
We bundled up several packages of adorable thank you note cards, a sheet of stamps, and a cute little card I made through silhouette.
I borrowed the floral image that says many thanks from a google image search (I searched many thanks clip art).  In photoshop, I added the little saying "Many 'thank-yous' to you because we thank you for a great year!" In silhouette I cut it all out with the cute scalloped edge.
We do thank our teachers!  Lou wouldn't pose with his teacher on the first day of school this year but he was happy to by the end. She earned all the thank you we could have given her!
Heck, he'd hardly pose for me that first day of kindergarten.
Bee and her sweet teacher.  First day of second grade.
Last day.

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