Wednesday, July 3, 2013

foudn this other half started summer blog post...

I just found this half started post about being busy this summer... He's what I started to say awhile back.

 I fell like summer should be half over but we've just had a few weeks. 

We've been hanging out at the theme park:

Doing some yard sale shopping.  This cardboard house was obtained for $2.  It provided a few fun hours of play and then was rained on and tossed out.

Lou man finished up baseball for the season.

On a trip to Hubby's parents house, we discovered that the slide dear hubby pushed me off of when I was in 4th grade and he was in 5th has been removed.  We actually got one last 'slide' when we spotted it waiting to be hauled off. 

Bee and Lou both got these for their birthdays (Bee a little early).  Have you seen these Boogie boards?  It's about the coolest thing.  They are LCD screens that you write on.  You use a stylus pen and doodle or write or whatever and then a button clears the screen. They were great for a long car trip and have been fun to play with at home. 

Schoolwork is one way to earn TV/screen time this summer, so the kids have been doing their schoolwork before they do about anything else.  So far, it's fun for everyone.

We've been taking friends with us wherever we go which adds to the fun. And chaos.

We had a little yard sale.  Lou made more money than anyone else. 

I fancied up the neighborhood girls' hair.  I learned how to do these hair wraps when I was in junior high.  It was very cool in 1990 something.  Bee and my little neighbor girls think it's cool again. That makes me very cool. 

There's been some kite flying and other outdoor fun. 

So, that's where I left it.  Between this one and yesterday's post, you should be all caught up.

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