Friday, July 5, 2013

icecream sensory play

We went to a friend's birthday party last week and we took a really fun gift.  Our little buddy likes to play restaurant and loves when we loan him our sensory bins.  We combined the two and made an ice-cream parlor kit.
He loved it! Like, really loved it!
Most of the items came from the dollar store or hobby lobby.  If I was doing this for preschool or my own kids, I could have reused things from home and it would have been cheaper to put together.
Here's what we included (and approximate prices in case you're figuring out if this will be affordable for your kiddos)
1 large bag of white pom poms (Hobby Lobby  {HL} $2.99)
2 medium bags of brown pom poms (HL .99 each)  -I had wanted pink too, but had to put some back- I was going over budget)
2 small bags tiny multi colored pom poms for sprinkles (99 cents each HL)
2 bananas ($3.00 each from HL in the floral arranging area)
ice-cream scooper (25 cents from goodwill)
1 package (2 in pkg) of baked potato dishes for banana split containers (Dollar Tree {DT} 1$)
1 pack (3 in pack) little blue bowls (DT 1$)
1 pack multi colored baby silverware (DT $1)
1 birthday shot glass (DT 1$)
1 large bowl to hold ice-cream (DT -wedding area 1$)
1 bunch of fake flowers (DT 1$)
plastic salt and pepper shakers for sprinkles container (DT $1)
Red pom poms and plastic jar- from home added at last minute for cherries)
frame from IKEA $1
menu cards- I made myself at home using Word.
If I was making this for preschool, I would not let them pour out the tiny pom poms.  It was time consuming to pick them all out to reset.

Other than the free for all with colored M&Ms at the party I think the icecream was the most popular item!  At one point the birthday boy was missing and he was found up in his room playing ice-cream parlor. 

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