Wednesday, July 10, 2013

door hanger copy cat

I saw a burlap bag floral door piece while out shopping with some of the gals I used to teach preschool with.  We were visiting all the fancy cute downtown boutiques where I buy nothing but get ideas.  It was $55 and something I could pretty easily make. 

I came home and got right to work.  Mine is all made with materials on hand.  I would have used different flowers, but this is what I had in the closet.  I made up a simple lined burlap sack with corners at the bottom for depth.  The only tricky part was the burlap flower.  I ended up hot gluing it in a ripple pattern wrapping it around a few times. 

I think it's a fun alternate to our typical door wreath and will be cute in my classroom when I start robbing the house of decorations.  However, at my price I could just make another.

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Danielle said...

Love this! I might have to make something like that for my door.