Monday, June 30, 2014

thrifty girl

Bee's an entrepreneur, a wheeler and a dealer if you like.  The neighbors were have a yard sale last weekend and she saw an opportunity to make a few bucks.  She sold lemonade until it got too hot, then she recruited the neighbor kids to man the stand.  Wait until I tell her that her blog could make money!  You may have seen her selling pretzels, cookies, kettle corn, and flowers, or center pieces made from yard trashcookiesand art, always selling art and her famous hankey blankeys, patent pending.

Speaking of my thrifty girl, this past week, we went to the theme park with some friends (actually last year's student and her family).  Bee and the friend used their goggles to collect things from the wave pool and lazy river bottom.  In addition to the bobby pins and earrings, keychains, beads, and broken necklaces, they found money.  Over the course of about 6 hours, they found $8.00! 

After we used our season passes as a discount, it was just enough to buy a few ice creams and a cotton candy!  The cutie in pink was a student last year, and her brother, the boy between Bee and Lou, may be a student next year!  They have a younger brother too so I could have three years in a row of this awesome family!

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