Friday, March 30, 2012

teacher love week

This week was teacher appreciation week. The PTF (like PTA) gives us a theme to stick to each day.  This year, only two days were assigned, so Bee and I chose our own items for the other days. 

Monday: The kids wrote thank you notes to their teachers. 

Tuesday: Bee and I chose flowers. This year she has a student teacher, so she's included too. We picked up some pretty tulips and stuck on printable tags, that I've used before. They are from Skip to my Lou and you can even insert your child's name.  

The tag reads, "Thank you for helping ___ bloom."

Wednesday:  We sent in coffee cozies from my shop stash and stuck inside gift cards for the coffee shop downstairs from the school.  

Thursday:  The PTF told us to bring in a sweet treat for the teachers.  I wanted a packaged item so the teachers didn't have to eat them right away- they were getting something from each kid- that's a lot of goodies.   We chose the thanks-a-lot girl scout cookies.  I added a tag that I printed out using a googled image of 'thank you in many languages.'  There were several options when I searched that. 

Friday:  Well, I dropped the ball.  I had something in mind and then I forgot.  Maybe we'll get it done and remember to send it in next week.

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