Tuesday, July 27, 2010

blueberry picking- or not- and then some jam

This was supposed to go before the post about the green beans. So, I have used the pressure cooker now. Not as scared anymore.

Recently, I inherited this:

It's scary and kinda makes me want to hide in my bedroom. When my mom used her's she instilled some fear in me. I suppose it was a healthy respect for the fact that at any moment it might explode and kill me. I might have hidden in my bedroom then too. This particular one was purchased as a gift for my mother-in-law from her dad. Although it was used a lot, it was in the original box with the manual and purchase receipt. This and a watermelon cost $39.00 in 1979.

Also received, were these guys. Here are 3 boxes worth. There are 10 more boxes in my in-laws garage! There are some really fun ones in there. I tried to take close up pictures, but they were not nice. I spent a little time researching canning jars and discovered that most of these are from the 70 and early 80s but there are a bunch that are from the 50's. There are even some dating back to the late 20's and 30's. These are the collection of hubby's parents and his grandparents.

Although this project didn't use any of those, the kids and I drove of to find a place to pick blueberries. This was our little bushes first year and we got only a few berries a day. The place we drove to was closed. Both kids fell asleep in the car so it was just as well. There was a stand for already picked berries so I settled for that. It was like a little row of refrigerator shelves with an honor system money box. I drove an hour each way to buy a peck of blueberries (5 pounds) which I did not get a picture of. I ate a bunch on the way home! They were good.

There's where we were trying to go... maybe next year.

That evening, renewed by naps, my crew and I and started some jam. I followed the recipe on the box of pectin. I'm pretty sure you get botulism and die if you don't. It's a healthy fear I have.

This jam was really good. I think I like the strawberry jam best though.

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