Friday, July 2, 2010


Oh yum, let the home canning begin. This week it was pickles. These cucumbers were from my neighbor Abbey's house. They were cut with this mandolin and canned in this canner and used the jars given by Bee's last years preschool teacher (Thanks Susan!) so I'm taking ownership here. No really, I only wish I could grow this many cucumbers.

They got sliced and put in the prepared jars.

These are bread and buckle pickles. The mix was cooked then added to the raw cucumber slices.

The lids are placed on and processed for 5-10 minutes.

Then you wait for the lids to pop. It's such a happy noise.

These bread and butter pickles only needed to set 24 hours before they were ready. I think we opened them at 20 hours and had the first jar gone at 20 hours 20 minutes. We'll be making these again for sure.


Aunt Donna said...

I just finished a batch of sweet pickles yesterday. You're right ... that popping sound is music our ears! These pickles are the old fashion kind that take THREE DAYS. They are worth it, but I'm glad that I only do this once a year!

grandma said...

Those are beautiful and I'm sure they are tasty. Bread and butter is one of my favorites. That is the only kind I knew about when I was growning up.

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