Friday, March 4, 2011

I've been holding out

I've been holding out on a few healthy food choices.  I've been holding out on oatmeal.  Those little packets of instant oatmeal... It's so easy and fast and we all enjoy a good packet of strawberry and cream oatmeal. Then, I was reading on enviromom where she had made the change to homemade oatmeal and I figured it was worth a try.

I made up three bowls for the next day.  The kids were unknowingly my taste testers.   i made up a maple brown sugar for me (1/2 c instant oats, dash of salt, dash of cinnamon, spoon of brown sugar, handful of raisins, spoonful of maple syrup).

Bee got her favorite, strawberry (1/2 c oats, dash salt, dash cinnamon, handful of strawberries -frozen from last summer, spoon of raw sugar).  Lou got blueberry (same as strawberry, but with a handful of frozen blueberries).

I put lids on and stored them away in the fridge.  I wouldn't have had to put them in the fridge, but I didn't want the fruit to get funky and I think you need to refrigerate maple syrup.

Feeling pretty good, healthy breakfast is waiting for us in the morning.  Avoiding all this yuck.

The results:  Three quick and easy bowls of oatmeal.  I just added hot water and we were all set.  I like mine thinner and Bee likes hers thicker, so just add water to your taste.

But wait, I was the only one to eat my whole bowl.  I've eaten it several days since and think the maple brown sugar is the best. I'll keep trying with the kids.

I've also been holding out on cream of whatever soup. I found this recipe to make my own and it isn't doing it for us. I'll try it again but it just was just very different.


Sara said...

I made the switch to "homemade" oatmeal a few years ago and haven't looked back - I like to add a nice tart apple all chopped up to mine.

I hadn't thought of prepping the night before... great idea.

That Lou of yours is aDORable! My youngest son had a head full of curly hair too - now we TRY to keep it under control with a tween haircut :0)

Stopping by from The Girl Creative hop. Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...

How much water?

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