Sunday, March 6, 2011


Do you spy him? 

He's Batman.

There's been a lot of Lou on here lately.  For awhile I felt like there was a lot here about Bee.  Now it's the other way.  She's around, she's been staying out of trouble and spends half the day at school.  Lou and I have some extra hang out time together right now.

Here's the funny story about the batman costume.  I was casually browsing ebay and stumbled on this batman costume.  I got it for the right price, so I went ahead and picked it up.   I thought I'd save it until his birthday in May. 

I stored it away in my truck which is right next to my bed.  When you opened the truck, it was right on top.  I was so worried that something was going to happen to me and some day my mom and sister would have to go through my things.  They would come to the trunk and as soon as it was opened, they would be surprised with a  black patent leather mask with eye holes and other parts of an outfit. Until it was further examined, it would look as though it was something of mine. Some type of black leather mask that I kept next to my bed. Anyway.   Apparently I think hubby would be too distraught to go through my things.

Perhaps it was that fear that made me present it as a valentines gift instead of saving it until May.  Either way, it's been a fun gift. For Lou.

He is batman, he plays with batman, it's all kinds of batman fun.  Tiring batman fun.

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