Saturday, March 5, 2011

boots and others

I was happy to work with the fine folks at CSN the past few months.  In return, I got to try out a few of their products.  I chose these great garden gloves.  They got a thorough breaking in last weekend.  We had a huge half of a tree fall on the fence recently.  Hubby and I cut fire wood all day on Sunday.  I wore my gloves and they ended up being really nice.

They are called dirt diggers.  I think these are a size small and they fit my hands really well.  They are very grippy and kept the wetness from the branches off my hands.

I also chose these Bears paw boots.  I'm so late in the game on these boots, but they look great with my new skinny leg jeans, which I'm also very late in the game with. These are warm and comfy. I kind of feel like I'm stomping around with them, but I do enjoy them.  I've tried socks on and socks off but it feels weird to wear shoes with no socks.

Lastly, I chose a pair of canoe paddles.  I do not have a canoe, but I think I will soon. I can't test these out until then, but they seems like good paddles.  They seem bored and lonely and need to get in the water soon.  Hopefully the weather cooperates. 

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Anonymous said...

How do you become a product reviewer for csn?

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