Wednesday, March 23, 2011

observation books

I am all about any opportunity to throw a little science into our lives.  I love having kids make ongoing observations to record changes or growth.  We planted a bulb in this little pot and decided to note the growth in some simple little observation books. Both kids have them, Bee's are more presentable.  We just stapled a few pages of copy paper together and made a little cover. 

Note our special scientific measuring system stuck in the pot.  It's a pencil, the most accurate of all measuring devises.

We aren't recording each day, although if you were using something other than a pencil to measure, you sure could.  We are doing every few days, specifically when there are notable changes.  Here's one days notes.  Sometimes we just draw, other times its a drawing and a sentence or two.  This can totally be adapted for any age or grade. 

Last year we watched caterpillars grow into butterflies and made observations of that.  You can see more of that hereAnd here too.   We plan to do that project again next year.  Later this spring, I am hoping to get some tadpoles.  I was hoping that nature would have taken care of it and we would have tadpoles in our swimming pool cover but I checked today and there nothing but dirty water and leaves.

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