Wednesday, March 16, 2011

flowers for teachers - teacher appreciation day

I don't know if it's teacher appreciation week where you are.  I don't know if the schools just pick a week or how that's done, but it's that week for Bee's school.  I guess in some past years, the parents have gone really crazy with elaborate gift cards and presents in some classes and not in others.  The PTA assigned each day's theme for us to help avoid that this year.

Monday's gift theme was flowers.  Each student was to bring in some flowers for each teacher.  We went with bulbs.

With a quick raid of my stash of randomness, we found several netted bags.  I've been saving them for making bird nesting material bags at the nature center, but I've been saving them so long and only had a few to show for it. 

We wrapped up a few bulbs in each and tied them off.

Lou and Bee colored in some tags with planting directions.

Gladiolus are such a pretty flower.  I planted 30 or so in our backyard last week. 

We made up several sets while we were at it.  Lou wanted to give some to his teachers too.

We found these adorable buckets in the dollar section at target.  We also grabbed matching shovels and little plant markers.  Bee was pretty excited to give her little buckets. 

The only thing I could smell while we were working on these were the sweet potatoes we are sprouting in the sewing/craft/now indoor garden area.  They're getting a little funky.

No real reason for this photo- the cat was just hanging out. 

Happy Teacher Appreciation week. Whenever it is.


grandma said...

didn't know you were saving those bags. I also have some that were nice colors. I won't throw them away.

Kelly said...

What a great teacher gift idea! You are so thoughtful.

Sparkling said...

Those are awesome- wish you were a parent in my classroom!! Gardening and teachers go so well together.

Do you know that you should not grow potatoes from store bought potatoes? Unless they are organic, they put a chemical on them that delays or prevents the eyes from sprouting.

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