Monday, July 23, 2012

the other summer pastimes (and reading list)

Besides swimming, we've done some extra reading this summer.  First, swimming pictures, then book list.

I added our summer books to my longer list of our chapter books, but here they are.

Where the Red Fern Grows-  My favorite book of all times.  Favorite. I cried, Bee cried. We were a mess!  You can't go wrong with a story about two coon hounds and a boy who loves them.

Holes-  This was a favorite read aloud when I taught elementary school.  I was thinking the plot was a little too intertwined and thick for the kids to get, but they loved it.  We watched the movie too, and I had forgotten that it's probably the closest book/video set out there.  

Chocolate Fever-  After reading Holes, this was a basic plot.  Too basic.  It was short and funny and easily understood, but afterwards, even Luke said something about it being a simple book. 
Cricket in Times Square-   This is one of those books that I've had in my classroom library forever, but hadn't read myself.  What a sweet story it was.  Animals who are friends- one with an undiscovered talent.  We all liked it.  It would make a great read aloud in a classroom and I'll remember that.
Currently reading:  
Half Magic
On the list:  
Mrs. Frisby and the rats of Nimh

Bud, Not Buddy  Will wait until they are a little older,but it's a good story.  Bee is confused already how our neighbor's girlfriend has a baby when she isn't married. I don't want to go there.


Sparkling said...

Where the Red Fern Grows is my all time favorite too!!!

I DID NOT like A Cricket In Times Square. One of my elementary teachers read it aloud and I remember really not liking it. I loved Holes. Loved Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH. Haven't read the others.

DHudak3kids said...

Sure looks fun!!! Wish we could have made it yesterday!! Please continue to ask us, even though we may never get to! I am glad you are enjoying your summer!!

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