Friday, July 6, 2012

birthday party aprons done

With one day to spare, Bee's aprons and chef's hats for her birthday party are done.  I tried a few different things with them, just to mess around. 

I tried a new wave pleat that I saw online.  I'll have to look around for where I saw that.  I can't think of what I'd use it on, other than an apron.

I also saw this larger spiral flower somewhere.  The one I saw was more of a ruffle spiral and I went with a pleated ruffle.  

Bee likes the one with the tiny flower.  

I tried a double yo-yo on this one, it's a little puffy for most projects, but just fine for this one. 

The chef's hats came together more quickly than I thought.  

I made them with some velcro and a flap opening to allow for about a 2 inch head size difference.  Bee and Lou have big heads, but she is the smallest in her class, so there might be bigger heads.  It's hard to say. 

That wraps up sewing, now onto sweet treat making!

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jess_hak said...

These are absolutely adorable!!!

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